Dormans Park Roads Trust Official Website


Ownership of the roads, verges and trees is vested in the Trustees, who are appointed by virtue of the original Trust Deed dated May 1907. The deed was updated in May 1970. They are responsible for the upkeep of the roads and verges and raise funds by the collection of an annual Road Rate which is recognised to be at a very modest level, given the ambience of the Park.

The Trustees appoint a Treasurer and an Advisory Committee composed of residents to assist them in a number of duties required to ensure the smooth running of the park. These duties include the maintenance and repair of the roads, verges and surface water drains together with periodic checks on the condition of roadside trees and replanting where necessary. Trustees meet with the advisory committee approximately four times a year to discuss all aspects of the management of the park.

Care of the Roads

The roads are assessed on a yearly basis to determine the proposed resurfacing schedule for the forthcoming year which takes into account the condition of the road and the volume of traffic using that road. The work carried out will be dependent on the funds available to the trust. If residents notice the appearance of potholes, they should notify the Roads Secretary. It should be borne in mind that the roads were never constructed to take heavy lorries and residents who engage contractors for work on their properties are asked to ensure that any damage to the adjacent road or verge is repaired. When new development takes place a Developer Compensation is sought to defray the additional damage to the roads as a result of large commercial vehicles.

Care of the Verges

Maintenance of the verges is the responsibility of the trustees who employ a contractor to mow and repair as necessary, but residents are encouraged to assist by mowing their own verge if they are so minded. We kindly ask that residents refrain from placing objects such as logs and stones on the verges or planting in the verges. If this occurs, residents will be asked to remove them. The contractor also clears the surface water drains and remove the fallen leaves in the autumn.

Residents and their guests are asked not to damage the verges by parking or allowing horses on them and dog owners are asked to be compliant with the law by removing any mess left by their dogs on the verges, roads or footpaths.


Residents are asked to ensure that their hedges and trees do not overgrow the verges thus preventing the contractor from cutting the grass or obscuring site lines. If they do not comply after consultation and the contractor has to trim back the overgrowth then the resident will be asked to bear the cost. It is hoped that residents will not allow high hedges to exclude light from neighbouring properties.

Driving and Parking

The issue of vehicle speed is of constant concern and excessive speed in the park where walkers, children and horse-riding are common can only be very dangerous. The suggested speed limit in the park is 20 mph with a 15 mph restriction over the railway bridge. There are several speed humps within the park.

The park is sparsely lit at night and therefore ask that for safety reasons there is no parking on the road at night. We also ask residents and visitors not to park on the roads during the day, instead parking on residential private driveways.

Noise and Pollution

The peace and tranquillity of Dormans Park is enjoyed and appreciated by all the residents. To this end, it is generally accepted that the use of any noisy machinery should be kept to a minimum at weekends and particularly on Sunday afternoons. Consideration should also be given to neighbours when lighting bonfires.

Neighbourhood Watch

Dormans Park is a Neighbourhood Watch area and crime has historically been low. The Area Coordinator in the park is Chris Keller of Navardalen and any information on the crime or antisocial behaviour should be passed to the Coordinator or, if urgent, direct to the police.

Resident Communications & Privacy Information

As a resident of Dormans Park the Dormans Park Roads Trust (DPRT) will communicate with you on matters relating to the Trust and Dormans Park, including payment of the annual Road Rate as outlined in your Supplemental Deed of Covenant.

If you have completed a Resident Survey (this form can be found on the website) requesting electronic communications from the trust or made a request via email, you will continue to receive these electronic communications going forward. Your contact details (contact name, house name, email address, Road Rate payment status and phone number if provided closed bracket are kept solely for the management of the trust (Road Rate requests and payment chasers, Annual Resident Meeting minutes and Trust updates/notices) are not shared with any third parties unless you have specifically asked to be put in contact with another party e.g. with the Trust solicitor. Your information will be held in a password protected document.

You may request at any time confirmation of the information we hold on you (subject access request) by sending your request to which will be fulfilled within one month of receipt.

You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time, however we greatly appreciate those residents that allow us to communicate electronically as this is more efficient both in terms of time and cost, and allows more regular communications to be issued. To unsubscribe please send your request to which will be fulfilled within one month of receipt.

If you move away from the park, please inform via email and your information will be deleted from our distribution list within one month of receipt.

In addition, a resident forum exists via a Google group. This is a members only group allowing residents to communicate with one another over park related matters once you have been subscribed to the group you can send and receive messages via the group. Please note that this is not formally part of the trust. If you wish to subscribe, please complete the resident survey form.

Change of Ownership

It is important that new residents enter into their current Deed of Covenant (May 1970) and are provided with the relevant details. To this end, any residents who are selling their property should contact the solicitors who hold copies of this deed and will facilitate the process. The seller will be asked to pay for the services associated with a “Seller’s Pack”.

The solicitor is:

Gunnercooke LLP
Contact: Martyn Cremin
Office Telephone: +44 (0)3330 143 401
Direct: +44 (0)7919 520265

Trustees and Advisory Committee

There are currently three Trustees who can be contacted at the following addresses:

  1. Ekely, West Hill (Roads Secretary)
  2. The Anchorage, Hill Crest
  3. Walden, East Hill

The Treasurer can be contacted at Foxgrove, East Hill.
The Neighbourhood Watch coordinator can be contacted at Navardalen, Dormans Gardens.

For over 100 years Dormans park has remained a pleasant and beautiful place to live. This continues to be the case through the efforts of the trustees, the advisory committee and the residents who enjoyed this quiet area of sylvan and countryside. This position will continue, providing everyone who lives here makes a contribution in their own way.

Should anyone wish to know more about Dormans park there is an excellent booklet entitled ‘A History of Dormans park’ written by Vincent Davies a past resident and available from the trustees at £5 per copy. Any monies received are passed to William Davies, the authors son, and donated to charity.

Annual Resident Meeting (ARM)

The Trust holds an Annual Resident Meeting (ARM). The purpose of the meeting is as follows:

  1. Report on the activities undertaken by the Trust since the last ARM;
  2. To report on the annual accounts for the year ending 31st March;
  3. To communicate Road Rate Payment for the forthcoming year;
  4. To allow residents to raise matters of concern to the Trust.

All residents will receive an invitation to the ARM normally one month in advance of the meeting.